Stock Photography

Michael Hogan photography also offers a selection of stock images of Southern Jersey. Including photography of the Pine Barrens, Delaware Bay, Delaware River, native orchids, rare orchids, threatened and endangered wildflowers, carnivorous plants, gentians, swamp pink, snakes, turtles, insects, butterflies, mammals, frogs, toads, birds of prey, hawks, amphibians, wading birds, ducks, wildlife, song birds, landscapes, wetlands, rivers, streams, historic buildings, and historic ruins. We aos offer a wide selectiopn og panoramas of Southern New Jersey.

Past clients include:

The Delaware River Basin Commission
The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
The William Penn Foundation
New Jersey Conservation Foundation
The Rutgers University Foundation
The National Park Service
The US Fish & Wildlife Service
New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection
Harcourt Publishing
New Jersey Conservation Foundation
The NJ Nature Conservancy
The Pinelands Preservation Alliance
The Delaware River Basin Commission
Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River
The Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Mannington Mills Inc.
Gloucester County Dept. of Parks
Atlantic County Dept. of Parks
Merck and Co.
The Jacques Cousteau Center
Delaware Department of Natural Resources
Chesapeake Magazine.